About Me

Hello I am Gareth a web developer in Preston, I love to build things for the web. I work from my small studio and I specialise in developing websites and web applications. If I could describe what I do in one simple sentence it would be "I love to design, build and problem solve". I have always had this passion, from as far back as I can remember when I would carefully plan and build amazing lego structures in the front room of our family house. To build and design for the web you need to have a range of skills, the list below are what I would consider to be my core skills, but of course every day on the web is a school day and to stop learning would be to stop web design.

General Design Skills

  • Layout and information architecture
  • Web design and development
  • Typography
  • Colour theory
  • Grid theory

Web Design And Development

  • HTML (including HTML5)
  • CSS (including CSS3 and Sass)
  • Web Standards and semantic HTML
  • Responsive web design
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Statamic CMS development
  • Craft CMS development

One of the the reasons I love working with the web is the fast pace which technology moves, of course this does mean that a significant part of life on the web is all about learning. Whether that be attending conferences, reading about the latest techniques in website development, or taking part in online learning such as the Treehouse community.

Recent Reading